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Az áprilisiak születési köve a rodokrozit/
The rhodocrosite is birthstone of apryl.

 Nyugati csillagjegy: Kos, Bika, Rák, Mérleg Skorpió, Bak Kínai csillagjegy: Sárkány, Kígyó, Bárány, Kutya, Disznó, Bivaly Elem: levegő 

Stone Qualities: Emotional healing, compassion, self-love

Chakras: Heart (4th) and Solar Plexus (3rd)
Zodiac: Scorpio and Leo
Locality: Peru, Argentina and the USA

The rhodochrosite properties:

In the metaphysical world, rhodochrosite is believed to facilitate deep emotional healing. It resonates with the heart and solar plexus chakras, so it is best worn on a necklace where it can vibrate with loving energy and provide you with maximum benefits. Wearing it or keeping it near for an extended period of time may awaken your inner child, bringing to the surface a long forgotten joy, curiosity and awe about the world. Painful buried memories can be extracted and efficiently dealt with, and most claim that you will develop a love for yourself which will in turn allow you to accept love from others. Meditation with rhodochrosite is said to result in the attainment of a state of sublime happiness and joy. This crystal is particularly useful for those who are overly critical of themselves or who have suffered from sexual abuse. If you feel that you are burdened with issues that you are unable to face, or that you are unable to forgive yourself, it may give you the courage you need to make necessary changes in your life and to forgive yourself and accept your role in any traumatic events that happened to you. In the home and workplace, rhodochrosite is believed to harmonize female and male energies and bring balance. This crystal is associated with the astrological signs of scorpio and leo and the element of earth.

Rhodochrosite is also believed to possess physical healing capabilities. Crystal healers have placed it against the top of the spine to cure migraines and used it to purify the kidneys and circulatory system. Imbalances and infections should become cleared up in its vicinity, and heart health promoted and maintained. It is also said to invigorate the sex organs, so keeping it in the bedroom may relieve any existing sexual issues within a relationship. Last but not least, it may restore poor eyesight and alleviate thyroid issues, intestinal p

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